First Monster Hunter Console Release In 8 Years, World, Has Been Good For Capcom So Far

Monster Hunter World is off to a strong start.


Monster Hunter World released at the end of last week, but it's already off to a fast start. It's set a new record for the series in its first three days, according to Capcom, though we don't yet have a firm idea of how many copies it's actually sold.

World has shipped 5 million units through its first three days, Capcom has announced. That figure includes digital sales and all physical copies that have been shipped to retailers (but not necessarily sold through to consumers). Publishers often talk in terms of copies shipped, but it leaves us without any idea of how many copies are actually in players' hands.

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Regardless, it's seemingly positive news for Capcom, though we don't know what its exact expectations were. Unlike recent entries in the series, World is available on PS4 and Xbox One (with a PC release to come), rather than being confined to 3DS. The combined install base of the two consoles is greater than that of 3DS, meaning Capcom has a bigger potential audience to sell the game to. It's also allowed for a much bigger, better-looking game than previous entries; the last new mainline Monster Hunter released on a console was 2010's Monster Hunter Tri for Wii.

Previous Monster Hunter games have been notoriously difficult to get into without help from seasoned veterans. Although you'll benefit from some tips on how to play, World makes some significant strides in easing in newcomers. It's also just a very good RPG, as you can read about in our Monster Hunter World review.

Capcom has plans to support the game following its launch, and that's already begun. The PS4 version's exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn gear is already available, and we know about Mega Man and now Street Fighter V-themed updates and DLC that are on the way. New monsters and other content are also coming, starting with the Deviljho.

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