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Mirror's Edge 2 'not abandoned' - Report

EA Games senior vice president Patrick Soderlund says DICE is "working on something" to follow up well-received free running original.


In 2009, it was revealed that the Mirror's Edge franchise would continue past the well-received, but less-than-stellar selling original. However, earlier this year, developer DICE offered a bit of bad news for franchise fans, saying development of Mirror's Edge 2 was "stalled."

It'll be a while before Faith gets to run around again.
It'll be a while before Faith gets to run around again.

Now, EA Games is waffling again about the parkour-inspired first-person franchise, telling GameStar that the Mirror's Edge series has not fallen by the wayside.

"We have not abandoned the franchise," said EA Games senior vice president Patrick Soderlund. "We're working on something, but I'm not willing to talk about that."

Stockholm-based DICE is currently creating Battlefield 3 for release on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC this October. It will be the first entry in the core series since Battlefield 2 was released exclusively on the PC in 2005.

For more on Faith's first outing, check out GameSpot's review of Mirror's Edge.

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