Mass Effect 4: Check Out This Behind-The-Scenes Image

BioWare cinematic director offers a look at a "very cool" scene in the upcoming game.

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BioWare cinematic director Ken Thain has posted new image on Twitter, giving gamers a behind-the-scenes look at the motion-capture process for the upcoming Mass Effect game currently in production.

Concept art for the new Mass Effect game
Concept art for the new Mass Effect game

What you're looking at is a "very cool scene" for the game, Thain said, though he did not elaborate further. In the image, we see two people in motion-capture suits, one of whom has his arms extended.

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BioWare announced the new Mass Effect game all the way back in 2012. Development has progressed since then, with BioWare recently saying that the game is now "getting real." In addition to the new Mass Effect game, BioWare is working on a brand-new IP.

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