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New Mass Effect forming at BioWare

Company general manager says studio has plans for next game in the series, as well as brand new IP set in fictional universe.


BioWare founders Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka left the role-playing game studio today, but that does not mean the company is slowing down. Studio general manager Aaryn Flynn announced today that BioWare, under the direction of producer Casey Hudson, has plans for an additional "full" Mass Effect game.

More Mass Effect is coming.
More Mass Effect is coming.

Flynn did not divulge any concrete details regarding this project, but called on fans to offer up their own ideas for where the Mass Effect series should go next. Mass Effect 3 executive producer Michael Gamble teased in February that BioWare has "so much to draw from" for a future Mass Effect game.

Additionally, Flynn announced that Hudson is also presently leading a team that is assembling the vision for an all-new game set in a fictional universe. This project is being built from the bottom up, he said, running on "new gaming technology." Further specifics were not mentioned, but he may be referencing new platforms from Microsoft and Sony, which are rumored to be on store shelves during the back half of 2013.

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