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E3 2014: BioWare Teases Mass Effect 4 and New IP Details

Mass Effect 4 will go to a new part of the galaxy, whereas BioWare's new IP will tell contemporary stories.

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If you were expecting a bunch of concrete details on Mass Effect 4 at E3 2014, well, you're out of luck.

If you wanted some vague information, however, well, you're quids in! BioWare executive producer Casey Hudson spoke via a lavishly produced video at EA's E3 2014 press conference to confirm that the new Mass Effect would feature entirely new characters, set in a new region of the universe.

Some conceptual prototype footage showed a series of brief glimpses into the new part of the universe, with the environments appearing war torn--a stark contrast from many of the clean, angular corridors from the original trilogy.

Hudson also reiterated that BioWare Montreal was designing Mass Effect 4, whereas the Edmonton studio was creating the entirely new IP.

Creating an entirely new universe also gives the team a "chance to have a clean sheet of design to start at the most fundamental set of principles you can have," said BioWare general manager Aaryn Flynn.

Hudson added that the new IP was being designed to tell "contemporary stories," whatever that could mean.

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