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Like Everyone Else, GameStop Expects a PS4 Neo Reveal in September

All will be revealed soon.


It's already widely expected that Sony will officially announce the PlayStation Neo, along with a slimmed-down PlayStation 4, console during an event in New York City next month. Now, one of the biggest players in gaming, retailer GameStop, has spoken up to say it, too, thinks all will become clear next month.

During an earnings call today, a GameStop executive said about Neo, "We'll know more obviously after September 7," referencing the PlayStation event scheduled for that day.

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The executive also confirmed that Neo sales are already baked into GameStop's earnings guidance, but only in "light form" because the system has not yet been officially announced.

What appears to be the slimmed-down PlayStation 4 leaked earlier this week. Someone apparently bought the system online and has been showing off the console, as well as its updated DualShock 4 controller. As of yet, Sony has yet to confirm it's making a smaller PS4.

There is no word yet on when the slimmed-down PS4 or Neo would launch or what the systems would cost, though the Neo is obviously expected to cost more. A new PlayStation system is rumored to launch this year, and if someone already has one, that suggests it's possibly coming soon. As for the Neo, Sony has said it's to be thought of as a higher-end model, featuring virtual reality support and increased horsepower.

Also during the call, GameStop management said people from Sony have been in and out of the retailer's offices a lot in recent weeks. This would make sense if Sony plans to launch new hardware soon.

New console launches would presumably be good news for GameStop, as the company historically enjoys a significant market share for new system debuts. Additionally, new hardware sales are hurting at GameStop right now, in part because people may be holding out on buying systems when they know more powerful ones are coming.

"We welcome any form of innovation and we think that the Xbox One S and whatever it is that Sony's going to talk about, as well as Nintendo and the PS VR, are all going to be opportunities for us to provide great value for our customers," GameStop management went on to say.

Microsoft's Project Scorpio console, which the company calls the "most powerful console ever made," is scheduled to come out in holiday 2017.

Sony's September PlayStation event takes place on September 7 at the PlayStation Theater in Times Square starting at 3 PM ET. This event will be livestreamed, while GameSpot will also be in attendance.

For more on GameStop's business performance, check out our report of its newest earnings report.

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