PS4 Slim Seemingly Confirmed With New Video [UPDATE]

The aesthetically questionable PS4 redesign appears to be real.


Update: Eurogamer has taken down its video, citing "legal advice." You can still see a picture of the system below.

Original Story: Following its somewhat bizarre leak over the weekend, the legitimacy of the so-called PS4 Slim has now been confirmed.

Image credit: Eurogamer
Image credit: Eurogamer

Eurogamer reports that it's visited the home of the person who claimed to have purchased the console through Gumtree (think UK's version of Craigslist) and verified the remodeled PS4 is real. Not only that, but it's shared a video of the console booting up.

The site also shared a new photo of the system, which you can see below.

Numerous photos of the system appeared online through NeoGAF on Sunday. They purported to show a redesigned PS4 that is noticeably smaller than the existing model. It features rounded corners and PlayStation symbols on the bottom.

This initially seemed dubious, but credence was lent to the rumor when the Wall Street Journal reported that two new PS4 consoles will be revealed in September. Previously, we believed only one new system--the more powerful PS4 Neo that Sony has already confirmed--would be revealed during an event in early September. Citing anonymous sources, the WSJ said the two new systems were part of an attempt to "maintain demand" for the PS4. An earlier report suggested both Neo and a slimmed-down PS4 would be revealed around the same time in September.

While the idea of announcing two new systems at the same time might sound odd, Microsoft did just that at E3. The first of those systems, the Xbox One S, launched earlier this month, with the more powerful Project Scorpio set to launch next year. The Xbox One S features a small increase in power to allow for HDR support, although this can translate into better performance for some Xbox One games. Whether the new PS4 Slim will also feature improved hardware--or will instead simply be a redesigned version of the system--remains to be seen.

We'll have more on the story as it develops. Sony's upcoming PlayStation event, where it's expected to announce the new consoles, is scheduled for September 7 at 3 PM ET / 12 PM PT.

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