More Powerful PS4 Neo and Slim Model Are Coming Sooner Than You Think, Analyst Says

Sony declined to comment.


According to a noted analyst, Sony could launch its more powerful PlayStation 4, Neo, along with a slimmed-down PS4 before or during the Tokyo Game Show in September.

Macquarie Securities analyst Damian Thong shared that information with The Wall Street Journal and writer Takashi Mochizuki today. Sony declined to comment to WSJ on the new systems and when they might launch.

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This comes not long after another report claimed Sony would release Neo before the end of the year. Sony has already confirmed the existence of Neo, which is only a codename, but this is the fist time we're hearing about a revision for the existing PS4.

If history is any indication, Sony will launch a smaller PS4 eventually. The first slimmed-down PlayStation 3 model launched in September 2009, almost three years after the original version came out in November 2006.

For its part, Microsoft will release the first Xbox One revision, the 40-percent smaller Xbox One S, starting in August this year. Microsoft's Project Scorpio, which it calls the "most powerful console ever made," is scheduled to arrive in holiday 2017.

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