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PS4 Slim Reportedly Includes Updated Controller With Front-Facing Lightbar

The new controller features several tweaks and improvements.


Recently, images, videos, and information have leaked about a slimmer version of the PS4. In addition to a redesign, though, the slim PS4 includes an updated controller. According to the leaks, the new gamepad features several tweaks and changes to the base design, such as a new light bar.

At least one person actually managed to get a hold of one of the new consoles, and they've been showing it off in videos and images. Twitter user shortman82 has specifically revealed details of the new controller.

Picture of the new controller with added light bar, credit: shortman82
Picture of the new controller with added light bar, credit: shortman82

The gamepad's biggest change is that it now has a light bar on the front of the controller, right above the touchpad. This light bar will show the same color as the light on the back of the controller, which presumably means that you'll be able to see light notifications more easily.

Shortman82 has said that the new controller uses the same battery as the old controller. However, the user also stated that it seems to last a bit longer than the older gamepad--although currently this is just anecdotal.

Finally, the user revealed that, if the controller is plugged into the PS4, you can force it to communicate only over the wired connection. No such option was available for the old controller. Interestingly, this setting also appears on the original PS4 console if the new controller is plugged into it.

Although reports of the new system initially seemed dubious, Eurogamer later confirmed the existence of the PS4 Slim by visiting shortman82's house and seeing the console in action. Sony will likely officially announce the console at its upcoming event. We expect both the slim model and the more powerful PS4 Neo to be unveiled on September 8.

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