Left 4 Dead Spiritual Successor Back 4 Blood Gets Gameplay, Release Date

The co-op zombie shooter from Turtle Rock Studios was officially revealed with its very first gameplay trailer during The Game Awards 2020.


Turtle Rock Studios has officially revealed Back 4 Blood, its upcoming co-op zombie shooter that serves as a spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead. First announced in 2019, Back 4 Blood is a clear spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead, though it does have some key differences. The game will be launching on June 22, 2021, so you'll still have a little time to prepare for the apocalypse.

During the gameplay demo, we saw players teaming up to fight zombies and 20-foot tall monsters. It was a brief look, but we got a good sense of the types of weapons players will be able to use against the zombie hordes, as well as the ability to aim down sights--a notable difference from Left 4 Dead. Firearm options include assault rifles, LMGs, shotguns, axes, and Molotov cocktails, among others. Still, the movement and pace of the game did resemble Left 4 Dead.

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If you want to try Back 4 Blood for yourself, you'll be able to soon. An alpha is planned to start on December 17, and you can register for it on Back 4 Blood's website. On the same day at 10 AM PT, Turtle Rock Studios will livestream a new gameplay showcase. This will be a good chance for you to see more Back 4 Blood gameplay if you're not accepted into the alpha.

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