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[Last Chance] Get A Totally Free PC Game By Voting On GOG

Get out the vote.


The DRM-free PC game retailer GOG has been around for a full decade now. To celebrate the company's tenth anniversary, it's giving away a PC game for free. But what game that is depends on the will of the fans. Between now and October 4, you can vote for the free game to be Shadow Warrior 2, Superhot, or Firewatch. You can cast your vote here, and download the winning game when it's announced on October 4.

Shadow Warrior 2 is a first-person action game that has you shooting and slicing your way through a number of different types of enemies. But unlike many games of that type, it has a comedic tone that relies heavily on puerile humor. If you like jokes about genitals, this may be the one to get your vote. Check out GameSpot's Shadow Warrior 2 review for more information. It normally retails for $40.

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Superhot is a first-person shooter about clearing levels of all enemies--but it has an intriguing twist. The in-game time only moves forward when you move your character. That means if you stand still, enemies will pause and bullets will stop in midair, waiting for your next move. Because you can take your time and consider your every action, it ends up feeling less like a traditional shooter and more like a puzzle game. It normally sells for $25, so read our Superhot review if you're unsure if it deserves your vote.

Finally, Firewatch is a game that's much more concerned with telling a story than with delivering thrilling action. You play as a fire lookout in a remote park in Wyoming. Your only companion is your supervisor, who lives in a distant outpost but is reachable by radio during most hours, day or night. It kicks into gear when you begin to notice hints that mysterious happenings have been occurring in the wilderness. Read our Firewatch review for more information about this title that normally sells for $20.

You can vote for your pick and read all about GOG's 10-year history here. While you're there, you can check out the games that are currently on sale.

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