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How To Use Bluetooth Headphones With Your Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch doesn't support Bluetooth headphones natively, but there are a number of headsets and adapters that can help you listen to your Switch wirelessly.


The Nintendo Switch is beloved for its portability, but while it's great for packing up and taking on the go, there's one major drawback to the Switch: its lack of support for Bluetooth connectivity with wireless headphones. That's a shame, since Bluetooth headphones are one of the handiest accessories to have around--there's honestly no better option for listening to music, movies, podcasts, and more. Bluetooth headphones offer a great combination of convenience and solid audio quality. But while you may not be able to connect Bluetooth headphones to the Switch directly, there's still a way to use them with Nintendo's hybrid console-handheld--and some Bluetooth headphones even ship with everything you need to make it work.

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to a Nintendo Switch

To help combat this annoying quirk, you'll need either a USB-C Bluetooth adapter like the Creative BT-W3 Bluetooth transmitter or a headset with its own USB-C adapter like the affordable and versatile SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless headset. Both are excellent options if you've been looking for a way to listen to your Nintendo Switch wirelessly. Once you have that Bluetooth transmitter, simply plug it into your Switch's USB-C charging port on the bottom while handheld and hold down the pair button on your headphones--it should connect automatically.

If you're currently lacking the right equipment, we've rounded up the best Bluetooth headphones and adapters that will work with the Nintendo Switch straight out of the box. They don't require any extra fiddling or setup: Simply plug them in, and you're off to the races. Of course, some of these transmitters require a pair of Bluetooth headphones to connect to, so we've also provided a number of quality pairs that are definitely worth buying.

One factor worth double checking when picking a transmitter and headphones is aptX support, specifically aptX Adaptive. The Qualcomm Bluetooth codec amplifies the capabilities of Bluetooth 5.0, drastically reducing latency to 40ms. Without it you're likely going to experience significant audio delay. Both the transmitter and headphones need to support the codec, too, otherwise the connection will fall back to the lowest one supported by either.

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The best Bluetooth headphones for Nintendo Switch

There's no particular requirement that makes a pair of Bluetooth headphones specifically great for Nintendo Switch. Any pair of Bluetooth headphones will work with the transmitters above, though the quality will, of course, vary by brand. Here are some of the best Bluetooth headphones available right now that you can use with Nintendo Switch--thankfully, great headphones can also be quite affordable.

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