Hollow Knight Sequel Silksong Revealed For Nintendo Switch And PC

Hornet takes centre stage.

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Hollow Knight developer Team Cherry has announced a full sequel that's planned for release on Nintendo Switch and PC. Hollow Knight: Silksong was originally DLC for the first game funded through a Kickstarter stretch goal. It would allow players to take control of supporting character Hornet. However, instead of building off the original Hollow Knight to offer a sub-chapter or a character swapping mechanic, Team Cherry has opted to take the character to a new location in her own game.

"As we kept going and kicking around ideas, the idea of having Hornet going on an adventure in a whole new kingdom was an interesting idea to us," co-director William Pellen said in a candid developer diary. "The other part is we have no idea how to make DLC... It seems like a weirdly complicated thing," added Ari Gibson.

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According to the co-directors, Silksong is a "huge game" and it's still growing. Further information about the sequel's inception can be found on the developer's official website: "Almost from the very start, Hornet's adventure was intended to take place in a new land, but as we dove in, it quickly became too large and too unique to stay a DLC, as initially planned. We do know that makes the wait a little longer, but we think the final, fresh world you'll get to explore is worth it.

Those that backed the Hollow Knight Kickstarter will be be given a copy of Hollow Knight: Silk Song at no additional cost. "Any backer of the game from the $10AUD and above tiers can choose to receive their copy of Hollow Knight: Silksong free on either PC or Nintendo Switch, at launch," Team Cherry said. "We'll shoot out a simple survey as we get closer to release to find out which version you'd like to receive.

"Higher tier backers who received multiple copies of Hollow Knight will also receive multiple copies of Hollow Knight: Silksong, the same rules apply as for Hollow Knight. You can elect for your primary copy on either Nintendo Switch or PC, with all additional copies as PC versions."

Although Hollow Knight: Silksong has only been announced for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Nintendo Switch, Team Cherry has said "more platforms may happen." The developer noted, however, that it is still made up of just three people. It has also broken down what players can expect from Silksong in a handy list that you can see below.

  • Discover a whole new kingdom: Explore coral forests, mossy grottos, gilded cities and misted moors as you ascend to the shining citadel at the top of the world.
  • Engage in lethal acrobatic action: Wield a whole new suite of nimble moves as you dance between foes in deadly, beautiful combat.
  • Craft powerful tools: Master an ever-expanding arsenal of weapons, traps and mechanisms to confound your enemies and explore new heights.
  • Solve shocking quests: Hunt down rare beasts, unearth ancient mysteries and search for lost treasures to fulfil the wishes of the downtrodden and restore the kingdom’s hope. Prepare for the unexpected!
  • Face over 150 all-new foes: Beasts and hunters, assassins and kings, monsters and knights – defeat them all with bravery and skill!
  • Experience a stunning orchestral score: Hollow Knight’s award-winning composer, Christopher Larkin, returns to bring melancholy melodies, symphonic strings and heart-thumping, soul strumming boss themes to the adventure.
  • Challenge Silk Soul mode: Once you conquer the game, test your skills in an all-new mode that spins the game into a unique, challenging experience.

In GameSpot's Hollow Knight review, Alessandro Barbosa awarded the game a 9/10. "Hollow Knight feels exceptional because so many of its smaller, expertly designed parts fit so well together over an extraordinarily long adventure that could easily have fallen prey to poor pacing.

"But its expansive enemy roster and routinely surprising areas and platforming challenges ensure that your journey through this fallen bug kingdom is one you're unlikely to forget. Hollow Knight offers a surprisingly large and harrowing adventure, and it's a treat that every bit of it is just as divine as that last."

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Avatar image for Pyrosa

I despised the jump algorithm in the first game -- I tried for hours to enjoy it, since everything else is so right about it.

That total lack of inertia and proper arc requires un-learning four decades of quality platforming, which I'm unwilling to do.

Avatar image for megas_elekmatos

My soul is READY!!!

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

Hell yeah. I'm ready.

Avatar image for imajinn

As good as the first game was/is, I'll definitely get the sequel without hesitation.

Avatar image for Richardthe3rd

The first one has been sitting unplayed in my Steam library. Need to fix that.

Avatar image for Hagan

@Richardthe3rd: Fix it now. Great game. Plus all of the DLC is out and free to boot.

Avatar image for skittymiao

And for the backers of the original Hollow Knight, there's even better news.

"As a backer, your support made this happen, so you’ll of course be receiving your copy of Hollow Knight: Silksong 100% free." -Team Cherry

Avatar image for Hagan

HK is one of, if not the best, indie game I've ever played. I will definitely be picking up this sequel. The first installment was amazing. Great dev group

Avatar image for smackybumbum

I wonder why it didn't get mentioned in the Direct last night!!??

Its a heavy hitter on the Eshop!

Avatar image for megas_elekmatos

@smackybumbum: Maybe they wanted to give their fans some good news on Valentines day? Regardless; it would have stolen the show (imo) if it had been :)

Avatar image for s1taz4a3l

Hollow Knight has such an amazing sound track, i took many naps with the soundtrack on the background while having the game open.

Falling sleep and waking up to those tunes was so relaxing.

Avatar image for nsa_protocol44

@s1taz4a3l: LOL