Halo 5 Adds Harry Potter Quidditch Mode Made By Fan

You're a wizard, Master Chief.


Halo 5: Guardians

The Forge tools for Halo 5: Guardians continue to be put to good use. The latest item created with them is a Halo version of Harry Potter's favorite game, Quidditch. It's basically Grifball, but played on a Quidditch-like arena. It looks very impressive. Check it out below (skip to 0:55 to see gameplay).

It appears there is only one ball in play in Halo 5's version of Quidditch, not a Quaffle or Bludgers. It also doesn't look there is a game-ending Snitch or a Seeker-designated player. But it's still cool, and who knows, maybe it will get updated in the future to more closely match the magical sport.

You have Xbox Live user xXHugabearXx to thank for this creation, while the video comes from YouTube user Halo 5 Remakes. com (via IGN). The map is called "Quidditch Arena" and can be found at xXHugabearXx's Halo 5 profile page.

Before this, other Halo 5 players created a Star Wars podracing mode and a custom gametype that involved running up a hill during an avalanche. Halo 5's Forge tools were released for free in December and we expect this new Quidditch creation won't be the last amazing map we see.

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