Halo 5 Forge Map Puts Players in the Middle of an Avalanche

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Halo 5: Guardians added Forge mode in December, which lets players create custom maps for the sci-fi shooter. One user has made a map that features a mountain in the middle of an avalanche. Your job is to climb it without getting crushed by one of the falling boulders.

Xbox Live user Julianoz1224 had his level featured in a video by The Epidemic, a YouTube channel that features Halo 5 Forge maps, among other things.

The Epidemic goes into how Julianoz created the map in the video. It uses an invisible block which pushes the boulders down the mountain. The rocks have a property on them that causes them to respawn at the top as soon as they get displaced near the bottom.

The YouTuber mentions the map isn't set to a specific game type, leaving it in the players' hands to make a choice. He says that certain game types don't work quite as well as others, mostly due to spawn points. Playing Stronghold and putting everyone on the same team is how he felt it worked best.

A previous avalanche map in Halo 4 used golf balls to crush players.

Halo developer 343 Industries recently released an update that increases the number of maps players can create in Forge mode. It was also recently announced that a Halo 5 tournament is headed to the X Games in Aspen this January.

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