GTA 5 Video Nails This Recreation of Forza Horizon 2 Trailer

This is one of the most impressive remakes yet.


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The trend of remaking videos in Grand Theft Auto V continues, with the latest material being a Forza Horizon 2 trailer--and the end result is extremely impressive.

The video above features a side-by-side showing the Forza trailer in question and the GTA V recreation. This was made by YouTube user RavenwestR1, who has done a number of similar remakes in the past for things like Need for Speed, Forza 6, and other games.

This Forza remake represents the last project from RavenwestR1 for the time being, as this will be likely be their "last video until June." That makes this a "special one," according to RavenwestR1, who also says the original Forza video is "probably the most beautiful trailer ever."

Whether you agree or not on that point, it's hard to deny the recreation is one of the most accurate to date. That's thanks in part to the use of several mods, including one that enhances GTA V's graphics, one that removes restrictions on camera distance, and several adding cars that would otherwise have no equivalent. (Needless to say, this was created using the PC version of GTA V.)

Other noteworthy GTA V video remakes cover everything from Spectre trailers to intros for Fresh Prince, the Pokemon TV show, and Powerpuff Girls.

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