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GTA 5 Used to Recreate Spectre's Awesome New Trailer

On the heels of the trailer's debut, we've got a GTA-ified version.


The first teaser trailer for upcoming James Bond movie Spectre was recently released, and as is the standard operating procedure for these things, we've already got a recreation of it using Grand Theft Auto V.

Joris Prudhon, the same person responsible for creating a GTA V remake of last year's Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer, is back again with an impressive take on Spectre.

There aren't always perfect analogs in the game for everything in a given trailer, and this video is no exception. Surprisingly, the ring with SPECTRE's old logo does make it, but other things fudge the details a bit, such as the setting for the meeting being headed up by what appears to be Christoph Waltz's version of Ernst Stavro Blofeld (despite what Walts claims).

You can check out the recreation above, and the actual trailer below. If you're interested in seeing more of James Bond inside GTA V, check out the train scene from Skyfall that some players acted out in-game last year.

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