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Fortnite: Where To Destroy Telescope, Telephone Pole, And Television Locations Guide

Seek and destroy for Fortnite's new challenge.


The end of Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 1 is in sight, which means Season 2 of the hit battle royale shooter is just around the corner. The developer hasn't revealed many details about the new season yet, but it will seemingly have some kind of secret agent theme, and Epic has been dropping cryptic teasers in the lead up to it.

While Season 1 may be winding down, there's still some time left to complete any weekly challenges you may not have gotten to yet. The latest batch of missions is called Cameo Vs. Chic, and a number of them have you traveling around the island looking for certain objects. One such challenge asks you to destroy a telescope, television, and telephone pole. If you're having trouble tracking those down, we tell you where to go below.

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Where Are The Telescope, Television, And Telephone Pole Locations?

Many homes around the island have television sets, so you can find those fairly easily in residential areas, particularly in the western portion of the map. Similarly, telephone poles are a common sight around suburban areas, so you shouldn't have much difficulty coming across one as you play.

Telescopes, however, are a bit trickier to track down, as they are not nearly as common as either of the aforementioned objects. That said, you can reliably find one on the island just off the northern shore of the map, northwest of Craggy Cliffs. The telescope is hidden in a bush, so look around carefully and you'll be able to spot it. There's also one atop a building in the lower corner of Lazy Lake. We've marked those two telescope locations on the map below.

Fortnite telescope locations
Fortnite telescope locations

How To Complete The Challenge

Now that you know where you can find the three objects, all you need to do is destroy them, be it with your pickaxe or a weapon you pick up along the way. You don't need to destroy all three within a single round to complete the challenge, but you may be able to anyway given how plentiful televisions and telephone poles are.

This isn't the only challenge that may give you some trouble from the Cameo Vs. Chic set. Another asks you to fish up an item at three different No Fishing signs. If you need help tracking those down, be sure to check out our No Fishing sign locations guide. You can also see our other maps and guides in our full Fortnite Chapter 2 challenges roundup.

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