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How To Use Tents In Fortnite: Campsites Explained

Pitching a tent can be the best way to plan ahead.


In Fortnite Chapter 3, tents are one of the biggest new additions to the battle royale game. Deploying a tent in the middle of the game opens up several options, ranging from executing a stealth attack, busting out big firepower, or investing in yourself for future rounds. Here's all you need to know about tents and the upcoming campsite upgrades.

Fortnite tents and campsites

A Fortnite tent is a new inventory item that you can find as floor loot and in chests across the new Fortnite Chapter 3 map named Artemis. When you come upon it, it will look like a bedroll, though once deployed, it springs into a full-size tent for one, and its feature set makes it a very valuable item to have on hand.

The key feature to a Fortnite tent is the ability to stash inventory items inside of it, such as weapons and health items, and retrieve them in later rounds. It is, in essence, an inventory size upgrade, but rather than just give you a few extra item slots in any given round, it also remembers what you've stashed in between rounds.

Fortnite is full of campers these days.
Fortnite is full of campers these days.

For example, if you have a full loadout of five items already, including a tent, you can stash additional loot you find in your tent. A Fortnite tent comes with two inventory slots to start, though you can pay using gold bars to unlock more. This will give you more than the usual limit of five items per round, assuming you can deploy it and rummage through it quickly enough in a high-pressure situation, like a late-game gunfight. Even if you don't intend to use the tent's contents in that round, stashing great loot for another round will absolutely be the key to winning some Victory Royales this season.

Another element to tents is the ability to rest, which is practically just like hiding in a dumpster, a portable toilet, or a hay bale. You'll climb in and be totally unseen, but an occasional audio cue will play, tipping off alert players that the tent is not empty. Therefore, it's not foolproof, but it can be used to get the drop on enemy players, or set a trap by deploying it, then waiting for another player to come upon it for a closer look. It's also good to know that other players cannot steal items from your tent, though they can claim it, which resets the loot inside for them--plus they'll get away with your actual tent item.

The nice thing about resting in a tent is that it slowly heals you--it makes sense: a tent is definitely more comfortable than a dumpster, after all. In future updates, Fortnite looks primed to add extra features to tents, turning them into campsites with things like picnic tables (likely for food items), campfires, and upgrade stations.

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