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Fortnite Season 7 Week 2 Challenges

How to complete every Week 2 challenge in Fortnite.


Fortnite Season 7 Week 2 challenges are live, at least partially, and there are a whole bunch of them. Epic's Tuesday release of the Epic Quests signals a new schedule, while players will need to wait another day for the Legendary Quests to become active too. That's still a day earlier than last season's Thursday releases. When they go live, they'll offer Fortnite players hundreds of thousands of new weekly XP to earn to level up their Battle Pass. We've got the complete list of Fortnite Week 2 challenges below, so take a look and start planning how to tackle them.

Fortnite Week 2 Epic Quests

Fortnite Week 2 Legendary Quests

If you've been playing Fortnite for a while, you already know where to find Lazy Lake, as it's been on the map for several seasons. Corny Complex is new to Season 7 and houses one of the island's bosses, Doctor Slone. If you head there, be careful of her--and the many players her Mythic Pulse Rifle attracts.

Explosive damage should be easy enough, but it's made even easier with a UFO, which also satisfies the challenge to enter a UFO. We have a complete guide on where to find UFOs. Don't worry, they aren't in short supply. Visiting different named locations in a single match is also easiest with a vehicle, such as a UFO, boat, or car.

Collecting spray cans in Dirty Docks and Pleasant Park has its own guide linked above for your ease of use. Like Corny Complex, you can learn more about satellite stations in our Season 7 map changes guide, but here's a short tip: When you're gliding down from the Battle Bus, head toward the bright red lights. Those are the satellites and will lead you to satellite stations.

The graffiti-covered wall near Catty Corner is the **REDACTED** bunker. It looks like Sunny has painted over the IO insignia with more greetings to her alien overlords.

Find Rick this week to complete part of a Legendary Quest.
Find Rick this week to complete part of a Legendary Quest.

This week's Legendary Quests feature a lot of IO interaction. To find IO Guards, head to satellite stations or look for the blue smoke around the map. The IO also treat Corny Complex as a headquarters, so you'll find more there. And wherever you find them, you'll also find their IO tech weapons. You can learn more about those in our Season 7 weapons guide. Body Scanners are located at every satellite station too, so as mentioned before, look for the bright red lights on your initial descent to find those stations.

Interact with a dead drop is a challenge you can't complete until it's active, but that should now be the case for all players. Lastly, you'll need to speak to any three of four specific NPCs, including Rick Sanchez, Marigold, Maven, and Special Forces. We'll have a separate guide for that one shortly as it requires you do quite a bit of traveling.

You may have noticed this season's Legendary Quests aren't repeating singular objectives anymore, as they have been for a few seasons now. On top of that, the Legendary Quests seem to be more story-focused, at least here in the early weeks. It'll be interesting to see how Epic continues to dole out these weekly challenges in Fortnite between now and mid-September when Season 7 comes to an end.

In the meantime, you can check out a lot more on Fortnite Season 7, like a full explainer on this season's Battle Pass, a guide on how to unlock Superman, and a look at the Week 1 Alien Artifacts.

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