Fortnite Movie Being Considered Within Epic Games, Says Report

A feature film could make back some of the money Epic is losing while it's not on iOS.


With Fortnite currently unavailable on iOS and Google Play stores, Epic Games is considering a Fortnite movie, partly as a means to make up lost revenue that it would have if not for being removed from both platforms--a decision that kicked off a massive lawsuit.

That report comes via tech outlet The Information (thanks Eurogamer) which added that a trio of former LucasFilm employees have joined Epic Games this year and a Fortnite movie has, as you could expect, already been discussed. Among the LucasFilm trio is Jason McGatlin, the former vice president of physical production, who now heads up "special projects" at Epic. He's joined by Lynn Bartsch and Chris Furia.

The project is entirely theoretical right now. If Fortnite's penchant for a crossover continues into Hollywood, the possibilities would appear to be limitless, as the game already pulls from some of the world's biggest brands, like Marvel, NFL, and Star Wars. Then again, a Fortnite movie may be a good time to expand on Fortnite's original characters and lore, which already serve up a constant stream of new heroes, monsters, and spacetime mysteries roughly every few weeks.

If a Fortnite movie happens, do you want to see crossover characters or Fortnite originals only?
If a Fortnite movie happens, do you want to see crossover characters or Fortnite originals only?

Epic is reportedly weighing the merits of such an endeavor due in part to Fortnite's absence from iOS, which will cost the company an exorbitant amount of money, especially as Apple has already clarified that Fortnite will remain off the store until all legal appeals are settled. According to Tim Sweeney, that process could take up to five years, meaning the Fortnite revenue will be lacking what is the only platform that Epic claims still has growth potential.

A movie version of one of the biggest games in the world seems like a no-brainer, but video games have historically not made the jump to Hollywood gracefully. All-time poor adaptations like the Mark Wahlberg-starring Max Payne are the norm in the decades-long practice, while the best efforts still equate to borderline mediocrity, such as Silent Hill or Sonic The Hedgehog. Then again, maybe all the Fortnite movie needs is a captivating leading man. I'm thinking Chris Pratt.

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