Fortnitemares 2021 Brings Fortnite Monsters New And Familiar Every Day In October

The Fortnite Halloween event kicks off today, October 5, and runs through Halloween.


Fortnite is celebrating Halloween for another spooky season with Fortnitemares 2021, the game's biggest Halloween event to date. It starts in-game today, October 5, and runs through the end of the month. Bewitching new skins, game modes, and more will arrive throughout the month of October. Here's all you need to know about Fortnitemares 2021.

New Fortnitemares Skins

"Actually, Frankenstein is the name of the doctor."

Beginning today and running through the 31st, new and returning Halloween-themed skins will be making their way to the game every single day in October. You'll find new collaborations like Universal Monsters, including Frankenstein's Monster (available today at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET) and The Mummy (available later this month), among others. You'll find returning favorites like Punk, the unruly Pumpkinheaded original character, and Ghoul Trooper with a new and spookier colorway, as well as more surprises all month long.

Epic is staying tight-lipped about who else to expect as the event continues, but it's safe to anticipate more famous faces from pop culture as well as brand-new Epic originals. In-game "cards" (like that in the image above) will tease subsequent releases, so you can check each day to catch a glimpse of who may show up in the Item Shop the following evening. Some of these new characters, including The Mummy, will also appear as NPCs on the Fortnite island later this season.

Fortnitemares Creative Modes

Working directly with the community during the Fortnitemares Community Callout, Epic is also highlighting new and spooky game modes in Creative. You can find the catalog of new modes under the Fortnitemares category in the game's menus. Epic wasn't specific with what's in there on day one but said to expect "maps, games, and experiences" all month long.

Fortnite At Universal CityWalk

After some fans spotted the Battle Bus being constructed at Universal CityWalk in Hollywood, California earlier this week, Epic has now lifted the lid on its purpose. It's meant to tie into this year's Fortnitemares event. Just as the Universal Monsters are coming to Fortnite, so too is Fortnite coming to the free attraction in Hollywood.

Epic said Fortnite characters will be found near the Battle Bus at Universal CityWalk all month, with "special appearances" and photo ops taking place throughout October. If you're in the area this month, Epic encourages you to say hi to some of Fortnite's famous faces.

The Cubes Are On The Move

The next phase of the enigmatic cubes' plans will also move into action during Fortnitemares. If you've been following along all season, you've likely noticed that the larger cubes stationed around the island have been slowly rolling around and spreading some sort of corruption on the island--at a pace of only about one roll every few hours so far. Their endgame is unknown to anyone right now, but whatever they're up to, they'll be ramping up during the month as they enact their obscure phase two.

By the time the cubes are done, we may be wishing aliens were still our greatest threat.
By the time the cubes are done, we may be wishing aliens were still our greatest threat.

During these story beats, there will be new quests with limited-time rewards, as well as a new weapon from The Sideways that players can take back to the island's universe if they escape alive. There's even another new weapon out today, the Dual Fiend Hunters, a pair of crossbows that are deadly when on target. Epic added that there's even more to share this month and that this bunch of headlines is only the beginning. Stay tuned for more Fortnitemares news, guides, and more all month long.

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