First Big Doom Eternal Update Will Send Powered-Up Demons To Your Game [Update]

Doom Eternal adds Empowered Demons in its first major update, sending the best-performing beasts to other players' games.


[Update: This patch is now live on all platforms. You can read the full patch notes here.]

The first major update for Doom Eternal is on the way, and it's bringing a major feature that could change the course of a battle: Empowered Demons. Your in-game struggles could make another player's life even harder in the campaign mode, but there is a reward for beating one.

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Empowered Demons will soon arrive to Doom Eternal in a free update. When a player is killed, the demon who killed them will be powered up and transported to a separate player's game. If this demon is killed, the player will get bonus health and ammunition, as well as experience for their overall Doom Eternal level. The campaign's later battles are already challenging, and this should take things to the next level.

Battlemode has also been tweaked, offering a death report feature so players can learn more about what went wrong in a match. There are also changes to the tutorial to make it easier to learn, and new anti-cheat features. Given the delicate difficulty balance necessary between the Slayer and the two demons, keeping things fair is essential.

One feature that isn't ready for release yet is the much-teased Invasion mode, which lets players enter others' campaigns and control a demon directly. The first story-based DLC is also on the way, and there are Doom Eternal DLC screenshots available to view here. If you're on PC and struggling, you can even make the game a little beat easier with the help of a new mod.

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