Doom Eternal Mod Makes The Slayer Even Deadlier

A new mod for Doom Eternal on PC makes the infamous Doom Slayer even deadlier, with more powerful weapons and abilities.


Doom Eternal is one of the best shooters released in 2020 thus far, but it's also a much more difficult game than 2016's Doom. If you're playing on PC and are having trouble ripping and tearing through waves of demons, then a new mod could be what you need.

Available on Nexus Mods, the "Eternal Gameplay Overhaul" mod changes how several different weapons operate and how abilities work in Doom Eternal's campaign mode. The changes include faster rate of fire for the Chaingun and Shotgun weapons, as well as a slower rate of fire for the Assault Rife in order to waste less ammunition. The Plasma Rifle has some of the more significant changes, being turned into a semi-automatic weapon in order to differentiate it from the rest of the arsenal.

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Upgrade costs have also been reduced on weapons, meaning you'll be able to power up your arsenal more quickly than in the original version, and ammo and armory capacity upgrades have also been increased. The height of the double-jump ability has also been improved slightly, though you shouldn't be able to get into unintended areas.

Only one change in the mod is really intended to make the game more difficult--improving enemies' reaction time on the hard difficulty. If you stick with the standard difficulty, you shouldn't notice any changes.

Doom Eternal is an even bigger version of the formula Id Software created with 2016's game, featuring tons of collectibles and enemy variety. In GameSpot's Doom Eternal review, Phil Hornshaw praised the game's combat and level design, as well as being able to control demons in Battlemode. A story-focused DLC is in the works now.

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