Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age Coming To Nintendo Switch And Xbox One

You get a Final Fantasy, you get a Final Fantasy, everybody gets a Final Fantasy!

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Plenty of news came out of the recent Nintendo Direct presentation, which included a whole bunch of Final Fantasy announcements. The 2017 remaster Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age is coming to Switch sometime in 2019; it's currently available for PlayStation 4 and PC, and will also come to Xbox One in 2019.

Final Fantasy XII featured the semi-automated Gambit battle system which broke away from the franchise's traditional turn-based RPG gameplay. A neat addition to the remastered version was the option to speed up the pace of combat to make grinding through dungeons quicker.

If you want even more of the long-time RPG franchise's past, Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD is available now for Switch on the Nintendo Eshop and Xbox One digitally. And if that's not enough, a few classics are making their way to Switch and Xbox One next year, including Final Fantasy VII, IX, X, X-2. The remaster of Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles, that features online multiplayer, is a Switch exclusive also due out next year.

In our Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age review, it was stated that, "Its epic, lore-abundant story and its time-tested Gambit System should also appeal to those who missed out on the mainline series' trip to Ivalice the first time around. And thanks in part to the new audio and speed options, The Zodiac Age is an ideal definitive edition: one that improves the game over its original version across the board."

September 2018 Nintendo Direct News

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Avatar image for metalhead367

Really happy these are coming to Xbox, and it pleases me to see the upset PS4 fanboys get all butthurt. Another L for the Flopstation and the fanboys.

Avatar image for Bloodwolf_19

I was really hoping to see the Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Remake also release on PS4 and Xbox One. My kids loved playing it with me an their mom on GameCube. It's a game I would love to play again with them but not for the cost of needing to buy 4 Nintendo Switches. :(

Avatar image for pharoe777

Awesome! I can't wait!

Avatar image for Xristophoros

i am still baffled as to why s-e cannot simply make a collection with ff 1-9 on a single disc. is it really that hard to do? don't the loyal fans deserve something like this? i hate digital only releases and would appreciate seeing such a collection on my shelf next to my other ff releases.

Avatar image for aross2004

@Xristophoros: Except you know the answer already.

Avatar image for pongman75

I read on another site several of the FFs are coming ro Switch and Xbox. And thats a good thing. Its also being reported here on GS now.

Avatar image for imajinn

This can only be a good thing. The xbox is in dire need of more RPGs and having it on the Switch to play on the go is great.

Avatar image for pongman75

@imajinn: its a good move to get some rpgs going on xbox. And it just shows the days of the exclusive are going away. And that makes me happy.

Avatar image for imajinn

@pongman75: I fully agree with your statement

Avatar image for aross2004

Very nice! Loved XII.

Avatar image for mboettcher

This year I decided to play XV, XII, X, IX, VII, VI, and the original FF in backward order all in a row. VI WAS my favorite, but IX is definitely giving it a run for its money. X was one of my favorite combat systems but least favorite everything else. I appreciated XII's less traditional approach but felt its story was lackluster. In XV, I enjoyed the open-world sections but found it no reason to keep playing it once Monster Hunter World came out. I'm excited to try VII for the first time and I don't have high expectations for the original. I've previously played and beaten V and IV on emulator and enjoyed them both, though I greatly preferred IV to V. And there's my un-asked for and overlong look into my FF experience.

Avatar image for risingdawn

I was always hoping for this on Vita back after the X/X2 Remaster, sadly that never happened but now finally I get to play this handheld. Awesome news.

Avatar image for sladakrobot

What a surprise!

FF X is next to VII my fave part of the FF series but i wili not complain as FF XII was not bad,just hoping SE is considering FF X too...i guess it depends how well FF XII is received on the Xbox

Avatar image for lionheartssj1

This is great news, but I have so much time in my original PS2 playthrough...I don't have that kind of free time anymore, haha.

Avatar image for Reuwsaat

Damn I just finished it on my PC :( Since it was my 3rd playthrough, I won't be touching it for the next few years...

Avatar image for sakaixx

Crazy, Square is really trying hard to ditch FF association with PS. I am glad to play this portable wise but damn that seems like a time bomb to the PS fans.

Avatar image for ZIMdoom

@sakaixx: I wonder if this is because their last few FF games for PS have been weak and not as supported/loved by the public as the older games. So they are really feeling a need to remind people of when they used to make really great RPGs with colourful and interesting characters that people can actually enjoy and care about. I was a hardcore Square and FF fan in the Nintendo and PS1 days. The PS2 games were still really good but they didn't grab me in quite the same way as the PS1 games did. In fact, I would argue that as amazing as the ideas and gameplay was for FF12, the story and pacing of that game was excruciating and really dragged down what may have been the best FF game of all time. Then the PS3 and 4 games just seemed to fall on their face. I think they did OK but I'm assuming they fell far short of hype and expectations. Nobody wants an extremely linear JRPG with boring hallways you are forced to follow. And certainly nobody wants whatever was going on with the cast of FF15. I was done with FF but I'm really craving the ability to return to the older games. My only disappointment is there is no plan to re-release FF Tactics for switch as well. A remastered version would be my dream switch title.

Avatar image for EricShadow366

What no VIII?