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Double Fine starts Stacking next month

Downloadable puzzle adventure game featuring Russian nesting dolls gets $15 price point, arrives February 8 for PS3 and February 9 for Xbox 360.


In the first 10 years of Double Fine Productions' existence, the San Francisco-based developer released two stand-alone games: Psychonauts and Brutal Legend. Now thanks to a change in focus to downloadable games, the studio is positioned to match that output in a span of just four months.

It's a big Stack attack.
It's a big Stack attack.

THQ and Double Fine today announced a February launch for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 puzzle adventure Stacking. The duo previously teamed together for Double Fine's third game, Costume Quest, which launched in October of last year. The PS3 edition of Stacking is set for launch on February 8, with the Xbox 360 edition launching the following day. The game will be available for $14.99 (1,200 points)

Stacking follows the story of Charlie Blackmore, the smallest of a family of Russian stacking dolls, as he aims to reunite his family after they become separated in the wake of tough economic times. The game's puzzle element involves stacking the dolls and making use of each one's different abilities to overcome challenges that often have multiple solutions. Players will unlock more dolls as the game progresses and Charlie's story unfolds.

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