Destiny Bug Fixes Out Now, Ahead of Rise of Iron Release

Rise of Iron is out tomorrow, but first, more patches.


Right on schedule, Bungie released new updates for Destiny's PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions today that fix minor bugs that were introduced with patch 2.4.0.

Updates and, referred to as "hotfixes" by Bungie, arrived today at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET. As detailed on Bungie's website, you must download the patches to continue playing the game. Additionally, the studio mentioned that some players may see the updates download as a single file.

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As announced previously, updates and address film grain problems, issues impacting Revive Timers, and some quest-tracking bugs. The updates also fix the volume level on some of Lord Shaxx's lines in the Crucible. The full patch notes can be seen below, as written by Bungie.

In addition to these, Bungie has acknowledged a series of known issues that it's currently tracking, including the Firefly perk causing the game to crash for some players, as well as the Taken War Heroic Strikes not rewarding Legendary Marks as they should.

Next up for Destiny is the Rise of Iron expansion, which comes out tomorrow, September 20, for PS4 and Xbox One, priced at $30. Destiny: The Collection, a $60 package that features the base game and all expansions, also comes out tomorrow on those platforms.

Rise of Iron introduces a new area, the snow-covered Plaguelands, as well as more missions and a new raid, among other things. Additionally, Bungie recently confirmed that players can buy reputation boosters using silver, an in-game currency that can only be purchased with real-world money. In other news, Bungie said it will not release a PS4 Pro patch for Destiny right away, though this hasn't been ruled out for the future.


  • Fixed an issue where gear was not showing up properly in Kiosks
  • Fixed an issue where audio could cut out during long sessions
  • Added localization updates for Rise of Iron content


  • Fixed an issue with quest tracking not functioning properly on Cosmodrome and Mars
  • Fixed an issue with quest tracking not functioning properly for City Tower or City Tower NPCs


  • Fixed an issue with the volume of certain Shaxx lines


  • Fixed an issue where Film Grain was inadvertently added
  • Fixed an issue that shortened the revive interaction time and extended revive distance to pre 2.2.0 values

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