Destiny Players Can Buy Reputation Boosters in Rise of Iron

Boosts will be available for Crucible, House of Judgement, and Vanguard.


Destiny's upcoming Rise of Iron expansion will introduce a way for players to buy boosters using silver, the in-game currency which can only be obtained through purchasing using real world money.

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The boosters will provide increased rates of reputation gain for Crucible, House of Judgement, and Vanguard. They are also attainable as a random drop from Sterling Treasure Boxes or Radiant Treasures, which players could earn via playing in-game or buying with silver.

In addition, several new emotes will be introduced as part of the expansion. These include a number of new dances, for players who like to show off some moves.

Rise of Iron will be released on September 20. The expansion will introduce a new area, the snow-covered Plaguelands. Bungie today released the launch trailer for the new Rise of Iron expansion. Additionally, the developer confirmed it will not release a PS4 Pro patch for Destiny right away, though this hasn't been ruled out for the future.

For more on what you can expect from the Rise of Iron expansion, check out our video which rounds up everything new. Alternatively, we've also listed everything you need to know about the expansion in this article.

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