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DayZ Is Finally Coming To Xbox One This Week

At long last.


Microsoft has announced that DayZ is coming to Xbox One. The standalone version of the ARMA 2 mod rose in popularity on PC back in 2013 for providing a multiplayer zombie-survival experience that relied on fear of the human element, not the zombies.

A console version of the game was originally announced at Gamescom 2014, and it was for PS4. At E3 2015, an Xbox One release was also announced. Players have been waiting since then for DayZ to release on either console. Much like PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds--which just left Game Preview--DayZ will first come to Xbox One in early access before officially launching after additional patches and updates.

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DayZ launches as a Game Preview on Xbox One on August 29. The PS4 version of the game is still planned, but it's coming at a later date.

In DayZ, your character wakes up on the edge of a beach with nothing but the clothes on their back, a road flare, and a rag. To survive, you must scavenge for food to satisfy your hunger, water to satiate your thirst, and weapons to keep the zombies and other players at bay. Dying in DayZ causes you to lose everything you own and reawaken on the beach again. To survive, you can choose to team up and share resources with others, such as medical supplies to deal with broken limbs or bleeding wounds, or hunt and kill anyone who crosses your path.

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