DayZ Is Finally Coming To Xbox One This Week

At long last.

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Microsoft has announced that DayZ is coming to Xbox One. The standalone version of the ARMA 2 mod rose in popularity on PC back in 2013 for providing a multiplayer zombie-survival experience that relied on fear of the human element, not the zombies.

A console version of the game was originally announced at Gamescom 2014, and it was for PS4. At E3 2015, an Xbox One release was also announced. Players have been waiting since then for DayZ to release on either console. Much like PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds--which just left Game Preview--DayZ will first come to Xbox One in early access before officially launching after additional patches and updates.

DayZ launches as a Game Preview on Xbox One on August 29. The PS4 version of the game is still planned, but it's coming at a later date.

In DayZ, your character wakes up on the edge of a beach with nothing but the clothes on their back, a road flare, and a rag. To survive, you must scavenge for food to satisfy your hunger, water to satiate your thirst, and weapons to keep the zombies and other players at bay. Dying in DayZ causes you to lose everything you own and reawaken on the beach again. To survive, you can choose to team up and share resources with others, such as medical supplies to deal with broken limbs or bleeding wounds, or hunt and kill anyone who crosses your path.

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These developers have the speed of a turtle!

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This dev probably thinks he can rip off the console crowd like he did the pc crowd. Just port the pc version and leave it in game preview or early access forever.

Microsoft should not allow alpha/beta stage games on their console at all from indie devs, nevermind to be left in an unfinished state indefinitely. That's what the pc is for. On a console, people expect a more cohesive, complete experience. If you can't finish your game, leave it on the pc until it can be completed, then port it over.

There's already too much indie junk clogging up both the XBL and PSN stores. We don't need half finished indie junk on top of that.

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@Vodoo: Except there has not yet been a game on Xbox Game Preview that has been "left in an unfinished state indefinitely" - all have been officially released to date, and ones that are still there which have been there a while (Subnautica and Astroneer) will be officially releasing later this year. I for one am very much for Game Preview, it allows me to pick up a game at a far cheaper price by purchasing it in that state and have input regarding the development as well as watch how a game progresses.

If you don't like it, don't buy it and ignore it - it isn't that hard.

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@dlCHIEF58: Why do you always have to have a dicky, know it all attitude? No shit I don't have to buy it, and I don't. I didn't need you to explain that to me. You need to work on your people skills dude, or get out more.

Most indie games suck to begin with. But when a game is left for years in preview state, that's indefinite as far as a games' life span of interest. Most people that are interested in the beginning no longer pay attention to an indie game 2-3 years later. You, and a handful of others are probably the exception, not the rule. Look how long We Happy Few took, and the game still sucked after all those years.

My point was that this dev has already left the pc crowd hanging with this unfinished game and no updates for quite a long time. Read the other comments. You're willing to give someone your money when there's no guarantee the game will be finished, then that's on you.

Avatar image for dlCHIEF58

@Vodoo: Maybe if you were more educated on the subject it wouldn't come off as if I had a "know it all attitude" as you say. Furthermore I fail to see how any of my comment was "dicky" when all I did was point out the FACTS of the situation you chose to ignore (as they countered your rant). Seems to me someone is a little too sensitive, a snowflake if you will, when someone has a differing opinion than yours. We Happy Few was not in Game Preview for all that long to begin with - a little over 2 years is not terribly long for a game that was only announced and funded via Kickstarter a few months earlier - definitely no Star Citizen by any means. As for the game sucking as you claim, I think the majority of reviews would disagree with your jaded sentiment. Like to see you come up with something better in that length of time. That is one game I do regret missing getting in Game Preview at the lower price - $30 I could have dealt with, the current $60 retail though is a bit much for me so will wait for a sale or GwG/Game Pass addition.

"Most indie games suck". WHAT? That couldn't be further from the truth. Stick to your Call of Duty dude as you obviously have no taste when it comes to games, likely judging by graphics over gameplay. You are missing out on some great experiences because of your prejudices. You are no true gamer, that now is quite obvious.

While it is POSSIBLE a game on the Xbox Game Preview will never be completed, history says otherwise as I pointed out (and you got your panties all up in a bunch over it). Not one game yet in the Xbox Game Preview has yet to be left "unfinished"...PERIOD.

Finally, if you "knew" you didn't have to buy it and could ignore it (as all Game Preview games are in their own section, away from the rest of the games until releases) then why get all bent out of shape about them to begin with? Seems to me you are just complaining to complain. I'd say you are the one who needs to work on their people skills as nothing I said was "dicky", you'd have to be very defensive to get that from anything I wrote previously. You definitely need to learn respect and how to deal with differing opinions, as I was to the point and not insulting in the least in my original reply. I am not sure how you took offense to any of that, other than pointing out YOU are not the "know it all" in this situation as you seem to think.

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@dlCHIEF58: Didn't you ever hear the phrase, "it's not what you say, but how you say it?" You were missing the original point I was trying to make, which was games sitting in Game Preview for an overly lengthy period of time isn't beneficial to most consoleBeingrs, but you instead focused on an insignificant part of what I was saying, that they're not indefinite but have released years later. The word "indefinite" wasn't the point. The lengthy time frame was.

I apologize if you weren't being a duesche. It's sometimes difficult to decipher one's tone through text. It's not the differing of opinions that irritates me, it's the tone and delivery in which it's said. I wouldn't let someone talk down to me in person and I sure as hell won't let someone get away with it online.

I have also been gaming since the Atari, Colecovision, Commodore 64 days. So I'd say I'm more of a gamer than you think. I also don't think it matters how long or how good someone is at gaming. You either game or you don't. If you play games, you're a gamer, period. Labeling someone as not a REAL gamer is trivial, judgemental, and juvenile. Which is unfortunately most of the people on this site.

Being I grew up playing those dated games, I'm not interested in retro games because I already been there, done that. I'm not part of the phoney "retro is cool" camp. Most indie games have half the heart of real old school games. But people think it's cool to play blocky looking games no matter how bad.

Why do you think Steam is such a cluster of crap? Because it's loaded with indie-ware junk that makes it impossible to find 1 decent game for every 100 there are.

I also haven't played Call of Duty since 4, and I have been sick of shooters (except the newer Doom) for the last 8+ years. I don't even like the first person perspective much anymore, to be honest. Aside of Doom, I think the last FPS I played was Bioshock Infinite. I much prefer a 3rd person action/adventure game, like God of War, Uncharted, Tomb Raider, Horizon Zero Dawn, ect... Right now I'm playing through AC: Origins on my X. So don't assume you know me because I don't like indie. There's too much crap to sort through to find a good one and it's not worth my time. Just because I like professionally made games just means I prefer quality.

Again, apologies if I misinterpreted your tone. I'm not a snowflake, I just don't put up with peoples' bullshit.

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Not only do I have zero faith in this game ever being good but its time has come and gone.

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I bought into this game before the standalone version hit PC. It was great, I was hooked. Then Dean Hall announced that he was developing the standalone version. I was so stoked for the release as I was a huge Arma 2/3 fan.

Then Dean took the money from the Alpha and split, adios suckers!

Game has been in Alpha/Beta since it was released. Don't get me wrong here, the game is cool but unless this goes F2P then count me out.

Also gamespot, what the hell happened to you guys? You used to be cool. Now all i see is forthnite spams all over the front page and horrible reviews which look very suspect of payouts. Sad to say gamespot is just spam now :(

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Will there be a BR mode? Wasn’t this the game that spawned from Infestation or something?

Avatar image for icing

@Sevenizz: Other way around, Dayz is what started the open world survival craze and Infestation (called WarZ originally) was one of the most notorious garbage cash-ins riding on it's wake.

Avatar image for UltimateBastard

@Sevenizz: it was a mod for arma 2 originally, as was pubg, any BR mode would play very much like pubg, so if that's what you're looking for, you could just play that. Setting that aside, the standalone dayz on PC is shit, coming on 6 years since it's early access release and it's still not even close to finished, it seems incredibly odd, as the mod was fantastic, which obviously means they had all the blueprints there, they just havnt implemented it.

Avatar image for Sorrow_316

Another Early Access game. I wonder when they’ll start selling development artwork as a “super early access”. Also, DayZ’s time has come and gone now in my opinion. Too little, too late.

Avatar image for leont

@Sorrow_316 LOL xD its been in early access since 2014! Don't buy into this unless you're ok with it staying in early access with no updates or improvements. Only worth playing if it goes F2P

Avatar image for Sorrow_316

@leont: I was interested in the game in 2014, but if I hadn’t read this article I would’ve forgotten it existed. I wouldn’t buy it anyway.

Avatar image for johnny_pay

still no sign of it going gold then.

Avatar image for mistervulpes

I know we like to joke at GS that Destiny is dead but, by comparison, isn’t DayZ like.....MEGA dead?

Why now?

Avatar image for gamingdevil800

@mistervulpes: People still want this game?

Avatar image for plus_1

Finally! I already have 3 close gamer buds ready for the install and group up. Some poor sap is going in the cage!

Avatar image for Dragoonknight28

I want to be excited for this I really do. But given the PC version was nothing more than a KOS fest it became pointless to get into. Now if the game finds away to become more like ark was at least by my experience that people actually was chill for the most part and made attempts to work together then it could actually be great. But only time will tell any game like this one and what h1z1 just survive when they turn to nothing but a KOS fest it becomes pointless. Yes if the world fell into chaos due to zombies aka the walking dead type scenario I would think KOS would be an option most would go with than risk loosing their life to outlaw type people. Some how ark again only in my experience kinda had a great balance of pvp for the most part and pve even on a pvp servers that I played on. I dont know if it was the player base it self or the huge threat dinos posed or from even what some have said the global chat tended to keep that from happening. No matter what it was if day z can manage to bring that kind of balance to console that the pc version lacked ill be a huge fan.