Commodore 64 knocking down Virtual Console door

Classic home computer to become the oldest offering on Nintendo's downloadable game service, but only in Europe.


Commodore 64 fans have been teased with the idea of the vintage gaming experiences of their younger years replicated on the Wii for a while now. In 2006, System 3 first confirmed its plans to remake Epyx Games classics like California Games and Impossible Mission for Nintendo's latest console.

While those projects haven't materialized on the Wii yet, the 1982 home computer is getting another crack at contemporary audiences as Nintendo today confirmed that original C64 titles will be debuting soon on the system's European Virtual Console downloadable game service.

Commodore 64 games will share the same prices as most Nintendo Entertainment System games on the Virtual Console, clocking in at 500 Wii points ($5). The first wave of titles to appear on the service will include Uridium and International Karate, and Commodore Gaming is promising that more titles from the legacy system's library of more than 4,000 games will be added to the Virtual Console on a regular basis.

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