Blizzard Pokes Fun At Star Wars Battlefront 2 On Twitter



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Blizzard today announced that its RTS StarCraft II is now free-to-play on PC, and one part of the reveal involved poking fun at EA's Star Wars: Battlefront II. Specifically, Blizzard released a series of tweets in which it mentioned that none of its content is locked behind playtime barriers. Battlefront II has been in the middle of controversy regarding how long it takes to unlock some characters, while the game is also facing criticism that it's bordering on a pay-to-win scenario.

Blizzard didn't skip a beat, leveraging this for its own benefit. Below is a screencap of the three tweets in question. Sick burn.

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Battlefront II was criticised for, among other things, how long it takes to unlock heroes in multiplayer such as Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. In response to this, EA reduced the number of credits you need to unlock those characters by a whopping 75 percent.

EA has said it is constantly listening to fan feedback and will make changes to Battlefront II as needed going forward. CFO Blake Jorgensen commented on the controversy this week, saying fans should be patient as DICE considers feedback.

StarCraft II's switch to free-to-play was announced at BlizzCon earlier this month, but the conversion officially happened today. New players who are getting into StarCraft II for the first time will be able to play through the entire Wings of Liberty campaign for free. All of the current and upcoming co-op commanders are also free to play up to level five, while Raynor, Kerrigan, and Artanis will remain free to level up as much as you want.

You can read more about the business model switch here in GameSpot's previous coverage. We also spoke with StarCraft production director Tim Morten about how this update will affect the player base.

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