Best Nintendo Switch Accessories In 2022: Controllers, Cases, And More

From controllers and headsets to grips and carrying cases, here are the best accessories for Switch, Switch OLED, and Switch Lite.


The best Nintendo Switch accessories aren't always easy to find. With thousands upon thousands of accessories available across a wide variety of categories, wading through the chaos to find the best of the bunch can be a somewhat daunting experience at times. To help you out, we've curated our picks for the best Nintendo Switch accessories, which will hopefully make it easier to choose the right accessories for you. Our list of 20 accessories includes everything from excellent third-party controllers to a graphics upscaler that really does improve the picture on your TV. We aimed to include accessory options from all of the key categories. After all, as a hybrid home and portable console, the Nintendo Switch has a lot of unique accessories to choose from.

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Best Nintendo Switch accessories

There are now three main Switch models: the standard Nintendo Switch, the Switch Lite, and the Switch OLED. Some accessories, like screen protectors and cases, have separate Switch and Switch Lite versions available. Aside from screen protectors, form fitting cases, and grips, the same accessories that work for the standard Switch should work for the Switch OLED as well.

Editor's Note: Article updated on June 21, 2022

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