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Arrow Series Finale Will Be A "Super Happy Ending," Stephen Amell Promises

"I think it's going to be a happy ending."


With Arrow coming to an end after its upcoming season, many fans are wondering just how devastating the series finale will be. After all, it's been made clear that Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) likely won't make it out of the upcoming Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover alive.

Be that as it may, Amell doesn't think fans will be sad when the final episode concludes. "It' a super happy ending," he told GameSpot at San Diego Comic-Con. "I think it's going to be a happy ending."

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Meanwhile, executive producer Marc Guggenheim hopes fans will appreciate the work they'd put into crafting a proper ending for the series. "We always go into these things with the best of intentions... We're trying so had to just entertain everybody and honor all of the things the fans want," he said. "We hope that everyone appreciates it on its own terms, the way we like to do things."

As for how those involved in the show feel about wrapping it up, Amell admits that the fact that Arrow has launched an entire superhero universe on TV is a difficult feeling to parse. "It's very, very difficult for me to have perspective on something I'm so deeply involved in. But it's starting to crystallize just a little bit with all of the lovely things people have been saying this weekend about not just our show but the universe we've built," he explained. "If you're a fan of comic books and you pop on Netflix and you find Arrow, then you watch the first season and all of a sudden in Season 2 you see The Flash introduced, you can spend your entire summer vacation watching the content we've created. That's really cool."

So while it'll be months before we find out exactly how Arrow will end, those involved in the show seem confident that they've come up with a conclusion worthy of the Green Arrow. That said, if the finale ends with Oliver's death, which appears to be a foregone conclusion at this point, there's going to be some sadness mixed in with that "super happy ending" Amell promised.

The final season of Arrow premieres October 15 on The CW.

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