Arrow's Stephen Amell Says He's Done Wrestling, But AEW Has Other Ideas

Arrow's final season premieres on October 15.


Filming on the final season of Arrow is underway, with the show's last 10 episodes set to debut in the fall. Once production on the show is wrapped, star Stephen Amell will be looking for a new job. While finding a new role on the big or small screen might be the natural place to start, there's always another more physical option for Amell.

As it stands, the actor has there professional wrestling matches under his belt--one for WWE, another for ROH, and a singles match at 2018's All In. Now that the wrestlers that organized All In have launched a promotion in All Elite Wrestling, it's easy to wonder whether Amell could call the new company his wrestling home.

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However, according to the Arrow star himself, that's likely not happening. Speaking to GameSpot at San Diego Comic-Con, Amell said, "I've got a very, very lovely, accommodating, and thoughtful wife and I risk divorce if I get back in the wrestling ring."

The actor also revealed that he fractured his hip during his All In match against Christopher Daniels, and AEW executive vice president Cody Rhodes said Amell kept the injury to himself after the match. "He didn't even tell anyone, though. You'd think he would want to take a badge of honor and the warrior's feeling that comes with it. But he kept it secret," Rhodes told GameSpot at the TCA press tour. "He's a total stud, total wrestler."

Rhodes also isn't so sure fans have seen the last of Amell wrestling. "I could see him coming and doing something with us for sure," he admitted, with one caveat. "He's not allowed to do anything with WWE. I want to have it. He's got to come back and hang with us. I mean, technically he's part of the Elite and the Bullet Club. So when it's time, he'll have to get back in the ring. Maybe in a little bit safer environment. Maybe like a tag match, something of that nature, but it's in his blood now."

Time will tell who's right about Amell's second career as a wrestler One thing is for sure, though. "When he's ready, and when Arrow's wrapping up, there's a home for him at AEW," Rhodes declared.

AEW's weekly show launches October 2 on TNT. Meanwhile, Arrow's final season premieres October 15 on The CW.

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