This game has someone call the player [eff]-o. I think this game is an [eff] up.

User Rating: 6 | Army of Two PS3
Army of Two had a lot of good ideas, customization options, co-op gameplay, third-person, cover-based shooting, and conversing with your friend for a plan to survive. It's a shame only some of these were actually good in the game.

Presentation: Simple story. Goes from being about two friends that are mercenaries to a revenge plot. It transitions well and it's well written, but it just feels like it's lacking so much.

Gameplay: decent cover-mechanics, you can even hide behind your buddy if he's holding up a shield. The back to back moments are annoying and there's some difficulty spikes that make you feel like you're playing Demon's Souls with guns.

Graphics: One of the uglier games with Unreal Engine but it's not horrible like Damnation or Legendary. It's more like Too Human. I wouldn't say this game looks like snot but it's not clean enough to drink from, metaphorically.

Sound: The voice acting is about the only good thing on this entire soundtrack. There's only a few good songs but they're hardly worth listening to. To appreciate this game more, go deaf.

Lasting Appeal: The game's campaign is very, very, very short. There isn't any fun multiplayer to be had, either. Coaster worthy.