Outrageous! I can't believe GS review, I don't normally do this but HERES THE TRUTH!

User Rating: 8.5 | Army of Two PS3
What you might not have ever imagined about a video game, is that you actually have to play it to base an opinion, and I'm not just saying the first few checkpoints. I give you, the reader, my honest word that I have completed this game and unlocked all weapons, played all modes, swore at the game when I died for a stupid reason. I had fun, laughed, cried, and had moments where I just stared at the screen going, "omg did that just happen?" Anyway onto my review, and I hope you, the reader, enjoy it and get a good idea of what this game is about and how it plays. If you enjoyed this review, then add me as a friend or send me a message asking questions, I will help you as soon as I can!

It's a cold night, you turn your ps3/xbox360 on and pop in Army of Two, you just rented it, and heard bad things about this game from "Professional" reviewers, but Atheno is here, so never fear. This game is actually worth your time. Though the game is not ground breaking by ANY means, and it's made by EA so for some of you viewers this already means the game SUCKS HARD CORE JUSTICE! First lets get the game play out of the way. The game responds and sports normal controls, for the PS3 version, the one I played, basic commands like Triangle to roll or dive to cover. R2 to shoot, which happens to be the newest big thing for shooting in games now, what ever happened to R1 eh? Anyway, since the controls are just about what you would expect, I will go out on a limb here and believe you have a brain and just leave it at that.

Now music, music is about average and sometimes above average. IT gets the job done you know? Its not going to be itched into your memory, or have you humming the tune when your bored, like some Zelda game or Final Fantasy. Don't take that the wrong way through as I'm trying to stress here, the musics good, just don't rush to buy the sound track if there is one. One of my favorite songs in this game is actually the loading screen song, which is good BECAAUUUSEeee.......it loads...it loves to load. This game is a loading champion. If there was an achievement for the xbox 360, it would be "Spend 20 hours or more at the loading screen." This doesn't break the game, but it doesn't make it either if you catch my drift here.

Graphics, now this is one thing that EA did very well. The game, from what I know, (A friend has X box 360, saw the PS3, said, "Wow man this looks just the same as x box 360!" Wow no crap?) Besides you can basically gather that both systems run this game very well, as most, if not all, other reviews say so, but now to the action points of the graphics. At times, you will wonder if this is a game or a CG movie you rented. The water graphics, I found, were breath taking. Character models all sported high polygon counts and very nice details to their clothing and armor, also guns. When you get your guns pimped to case them with gold or silver, get ready for some shiny moments.

"Please Atheno, tell us about the splosions." Yeah ok, the games got some hard core moments, I know thats what some of you want to hear. This might be a spoiler SO BE WARNED, if you don't want to know about missions or what happens then skip down to next paragraph. Starting NOW---- One of the missions leaves you on a aircraft carrier that had been taken over by, you guessed it, rabbits. Actually no, terrorists. At the ending, it starts to explode, sinking slowly as one of the ends raises to the sky. You have to run up the air craft carrier, as things are exploding and flying right past you. Yes you can get hit, and yes, it will require medical attention. Let me just say that, this game has some moments that just make you go, "Wow, I can't believe I'm doing this!" and thats a good thing! It's refreshing!

Okay spoiler warning off, now let's get down to the actual Co-op. It is done very well, and I have yet to play a game that does it the way this game does. But there will be moments when you just want to strangle your partner, as any moment with someone else, even worse if you don't know this person, you might not have the same idea of what to do or something and resulting in a few bullets to the head, but do not worry, your wearing a mask that just happens to be bullet proof. Now please keep in mind this game truly shines online, not single. Your A.I partner is dumber then a sick dog, trying to find it's food bowl and requires heavy assistance. This makes the game a bit hard to swallow, thats why I advise you to stay online if you want the best playing experience.

A lot of talk about lag online? Yeah right, I only had one moment with lag, and it was no where near un-playable. Now VS has...a higher chance of carrying the lag bug, but I still have yet to experience anything to make me curse EA's name. This might be different for other people depending on where they live and their internet connection or how it's hooked up. If you do experience lag if you get this game and go, "darn Atheno, your as good as dead for lying," then please consider checking your net hook up, make sure nothings blocking your signal like firewalls or a bad router hook up and setup. I really don't feel like hurting anyone :(.

Anyway I hope this has been SOME WHAT helpful, I just wanted to clear up GS review, NO OFFENSE to the reviewer if he actually played it, and really didn't like it, but from where I stand right now I doubt he finished the game or really gave it a chance. Anyway, send me a message or what not if you have any questions, want to swear at me for making sense of a game, or what ever, see you online!