Who knew that plastic weapons could be so fun to use.

User Rating: 8 | Army Men: Sarge's Heroes N64
When i looked at the grades that people have given Sarge's heroes a huge ? goes up in my mind. When this game came out it was great. The weapons which are made of plastic are awesome and the selection is large. The missions in this game are by far the best part because the guy you control is so small and this makes the bathroom look like a huge battlefield in a sense. This game is also a lot of fun to play with other people with games kinda like team death match. There are a few problems with this game though despite all the good things such as sometimes the guns do not shoot were you want them to and the learning curve is hard. Also the story mode is a factor that this game did not try very hard at but it still is average. Overall Sarge's Heroes is a under rated game that is a lot of fun to play due to sweet missions and guns.