If you dont like to play games like this, in which the only good thing is the storyline, i recommend you to not buy it.

User Rating: 5.5 | Army Men: Sarge's Heroes N64
First of all, Army Men Sarge's Heroes is a very nice game to play, in only one certain aspect. It has some good points, but it has some bad points as well. I actually didn't like the gameplay so much. Is a little hard to manage the character your using in the game, Sarge, which is a soldier part of the Green Army.

The Good: The Storyline was great. Basically, your part of the Green Army and you need to fight againt the Tan Army. Through the game, you need to save different green army people from the hands of the enemy. The game continues getting harder till you get in one point in which you need to use different tactics to beat the level. Is a very challenging game, which is the thing I like more from any game. - 9/10

The Bad: The Sound was a little too repetitive. Would have been better, if there was at least a change of song in every level part of the game. The songs of every song were almost the same. 4/10

I didn't like the graphics too much. All characters and animals were doing the same moves, it was like it wasn't real in a certain aspect. Sometimes while your playing the game the character gets blocked. While your walking through the battlefield, you can get stuck in the wall, boxes, floor, between others. The game was too glitchy, which was the part of the game i didn't like at all.-2/10

Overall, the only thing I liked about this game was the storyline. Like I said before, thats the thing that motivates me to play the game, not the look of the game. That is the only reason that made me like this game. Overall, if you don't like to play games like this, which the only good thing is the storyline, i recommend you to not buy it.