Needs to be part of your N64 collection!

User Rating: 9 | Army Men: Sarge's Heroes N64
Army Men Sarge's Heroes is an extremely underrated game. The game play is tough and very long (16 levels in total, each with its own password). You are Sergeant Hawk, and you must reassemble his squad of captured soldiers.Your enemy, the Tan and their general, General Plastro unveil their new "Super Weapons" (household items and toys) that were taken from the "Alternate World" through portals that connect to the "Plastic World". Sergeant Hawk must use his "Bravo Company Commandos" to help him defeat General Plastro and the Tan Army. I love the wide array of weapons, and the frequent amount of puns that are added in the dialogue. What holds gamers from liking this game are the graphics. They are not the best on the this specific console, but sometimes you have to look through that aspect and appreciate the game for what it brings to the table. I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a 3rd person shooter, or to anyone who just couldn't get enough of playing with their little green army when you were a kid.