Saying this game is bad is a compliment.

User Rating: 1 | AMY PS3
This game is like the crap your dog took outside and you had to pick it up. Now think of that smelly stinky turd and that you had to pay $10 for that smelly butt puss. This is Amy, A game that should be considered terrorism, stealing and other acts of violence I can't post on the gamespot reviews. The graphics suck, the gameplay sucks, the storyline sucks, the mechanics are crappy and don't work,the voice acting is suckish suck. This game is like diarrhea, you don't want to take it but you feel like you have to but when you do afterwards your like what was that **** That's Amy. If I could give it a negative fifty six to the third power I definitely would. The game is extremely hard and especially since the controls and combat is diarrhea poop butt fart cheese nips. Having to pay to play this is horrible as if it wasn't horrible already actually having to play it. WATCH OUT FOR THIS GAME it will make you take massive dumps just to get away from this crappy game