Great game with small history lessons in betwen the single player campain.

User Rating: 8.7 | American Conquest: Fight Back! PC
Gameplay: American Conquest: Fight back is the stand alone expantion to the original American Conquest game. This game takes place during the 16th to 18th centuries. It's a time period that hasn't been heavily explored by real-time strategy games, which is rather unfortunate since the history is really quite interesting. Well the game has not really changed in terms of gameplay. As in most RTS games, there is resource gathering and base-building and going off to fight the enemy. Again you can build up huge armys to fight and fun watching your men line up and take shots at each other and watching men fall. But one major thing I don't like how fast you can loose men when attacking an enemy base. So my solution is to build a fleet of ships and blow the base to bits with a hail of cannon fire if there is a body of water that is. What is intersting like the last game is that you can capture works to work for you which is pretty neat. There are a number of new campains for the original fractions in the game there are new campains for the new fractions added to the game. The new fractions are Germany, Russia, Haida, Portugal, and the Netherlands. In each mission during the single player campaine there is a little history lesson giving background about the mission which is pretty intresting. The A.I can also be pretty tough even on easy. So once you are done with the single player campaine there is a single player random map which can be fun but once you get board with that you can get in to the multiplayer part of the game. . Each server can hold up to seven players. Graphics: The graphics have not being improved all that much from what I noticed. They still use 2-D and 3-D graphics which render amazing, realistic and colorful graphics. The movements of character models are still good like when men are loading up there muskets. Sound: The sound(s) are pretty nice. The soundtrack are great for the theme of the game and also the sound of guns firing and everything in between are really quite good. Everything should sound the way they should.

Value: All in all this is a great strategy game, but it met with little fanfare. which kinda sucks because it's a great RTS game. There is huge replay value in Fight Back once you complete the campaign with lots of replay value for the multiplayer and single random map. So I give this game 8.7 out of 10.