A fun adventure with hundreds of things to do- this game is great.

User Rating: 8.5 | American Conquest: Fight Back! PC
Well, this game is in my hall of fame book. American Conquest was one of my first strategy games i've bought. i haven't reviewed the first one, this review stands for both.

This game is truely fun and immersive. the audio is great, and even though it's 2D graphics, there pretty good as well.

It includes tons of different campaigns as well. they last long and are very immersive and challenging.
At times, this game does get sort of boring, and requires lots of patients. While you may not stay addicted to this game for a long periods at a time, you'll never throw it away, and always come back to it.
it is always cool when 2 massive armies collide in an all-out fight, worthy of R:TW epicness.

Gameplay: Fairly addictive; will leave you playing for sort periods, but you'll always come back to it. Excellent Single-Player A.I, great skirmish mode, and a very, very fun editor mode which a 2-year old could work, and which i've made tons of scenarios with. The onyl bad bart is the multiplayer is absolutely horrible. i haven't even got one match yet.

Graphics: Yes, this game is 2-D, but for a 2-D game, it is pretty good. the shadows are nice, and there's tons of beautiful scenery.

Sound: Excellent. very awesome as hundreds of guns fire and and a Horde of Native-Americans change in after you, as well as highly cinematic music.

Value: this game, is, well, not very popular, and it's Value isn't all that good. you could probably get this game for 10 bucks at most stores, nevertheless, aside from that, it has good worth.
Reviewer's tilt: this game is a fun immersive RTS that sits in my hall of fame with Homeworld series, and WH40K: dawn of war. i hope this game brings in more players, and lives up to how good it really is.