Flying cars? yea thats this one.

User Rating: 6.5 | AeroGauge N64
Aerogauge has to be the best idea taking awkwardly. the reason is you can't use a memory card to save time trials or things you unlocked, and that is just stupid. but the game does have a code to unlock everything but there isn't much.

the Gameplay is pretty standard. race to the finish with no boosts, nor weapons. a little boring I might say but its enjoyable at least. If you expect to play with bots, practice makes no effort, these bots get to first and you can't win. but thats only if you put on Medium. usually easy you can get first. There are only 6 tracks and 11 cars (including a n64 controller?)

the bad side? well lets just say there is one thing I hate. not able to save you stuff. I mean you like to show you friends you beat a track less then a minute but you can't show him cause oh, you can't save it. also the lack of unlockables is just plain meh.

AS for the title, it does seem to be from Japan. It might be, I never known. but this game should be picked up if you want some good car flying racing fun, make sure you have a second controller though for the cheat.