As a whole... poor yet can be fun to the extent!

User Rating: 4 | AeroGauge N64
The racing against other players part of this game is appauling and just not fun, you have to qualify before each race, which is realistic but the courses are too long to make this fun in any way! There are only 4 courses and 5 or so vehicles so it feals very cheep despite the graphics being fairly impressive.

The time trials are actually quite fun with decent music, its an obvious rip of F Zero music but done rather poorley. You can change altitude of you're vehicle which is quite cool and tha courses are fairly vast.

Enjoying this game is difficult, especialy considering that the makers even said the game was rubbish, would you trust a game that the makers said was poor? Stick to time trials you should be OK but they are nothing special.

The controlls are very slow and quite perfetic, and considering we have F Zero X with the best Gameplay, music, courses and the cleanest yet most simple graphics. Gamespot dosn't like F Zero X but thats to do with graphics and very little effort in terms of subliminal racing advertising... and who cares!

All in all this game is not worth a purchase, near is Wipeout however F Zero X is waiting for you on VC or you can buy it for $5 or so on Ebay!