Start/Select - Steam smashes own record! Old Republic dance party!

Guy brings you news of Steam breaking its own record for concurrent users, the latest on Microsoft Flight, and a surprising glitch in The Old Republic.

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    Yes, Steam, I love you! But EA is so annoying I've stopped buying their games. For real.


    Yup Steam is my preferred place to get my games. Origin doesn't have the amazing deals and EA just bugs me, sorry Battlefield 3 but I will have to find a replacement.


    Old Republic Bug of the Year? More like Feature of the Year. Awesome. /getdown


    Steam is my PC store of choice. Typically, if it is not available on Steam, I will wait until it is. I like the network and social capabilities as well as the automatic updates. Despite the occasional hassles involving a required online connection in order to do anything (DARN YOU TRENDYNET!!!!), I really like it.