Start/Select - Long Live Start/Select

After a month of waiting Johnny and Seb jump back into the Start/Select spotlight to explain what's what.

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    GameSpot's bite sized daily news show bringing you up to the minute stories from around the gaming universe.

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    Great all u engines was very good m look good and work on everything with high fps.


    Oh that's sad , I just realized this show is dead in 2013.....I liked their humor....Hope to see you soon...


    yes we are ,very


    Does anyone know of any other video podcasts that is similar to Start Select, my video game knowledge is going down hill! i only just found out there was a trailer for the new Dead Island Game!


    Technically.... I like this show


    This is really sad :(

    I was excited coming back to gamespot and my gaming life only to know that my fav game show is DEAD

    I am DEAD_NG


    i miss Start Select. RIP :(


    physically attractive audience thanks for that. Seb.


    This was painfully unfunny and uninformative, I only watched it (well about two minutes before skipping ahead) because it said something about a Bully sequel, but appeared to contain nothing of that kind anyway.

    Just stick to reviewing games in a factual manner lads, don't try to be comedians, because if your Guitar Hero timing is as bad as your comic timing then I doubt you've ever finished one song. Harsh, but true.




    Wow, I haven't checked out start/select in awhile and now it's finished. On the ideas front, why not create a topical gaming news piece, with jokes and comments thrown in. What about "Start/Select" as the name?


    I'm gonna necro this thread to make a point.

    The excuse of getting gaming news out faster is pretty lame. It's video games, not real-time stock market speculation. There wasn't a problem in need of a fix to begin with. A daily show versus a gaggle of seemingly random and self-indulgent video clips isn't an improvement. There are two flaws in the logic of being on the 'scoop' for any scrap of news-

    1) It used to be that in the news world, getting it right was more important than being the first to get it wrong. Stories were researched and verified before being released. Now, the obsession with simply being the first to spout some factoid trumps that factoid actually being true. So we get any rumor or accusation getting instant headline attention in the news, but the correction or retraction days later buried on page 8. That is what passes for journalism today.

    2) The sheer quality of journalistic efforts is a pale shadow of the past. Today's rush to blather about something, anything, sees horrific abuses of spelling and grammar that would have never made it to print if the focus was on quality work rather than winning the booby prize for being 'first!'.

    Lastly, in shopping around for freelance contributors- remember that 'journalist' is a profession, implying professional training and standards. Blogging is not journalism. As the black eye gaming 'journalism' took over the Eve Fanfest debacle should have made clear- too many of these people are merely game fans roleplaying as journalists.

    Meh, it's your site. I like the new shows mostly too. Just come on with trying to justify away ending this series as serving a purpose other than letting the cast host individual shows covering the same topics.


    Bye~ I'll miss Start Select ♥

    Long Live Start Select!


    bye, bye select, rest in piece :(


    This is utter shite, Gone.


    Since Start Select finished i think i have visited Gamespot twice, you had a great product and now replaced it and aimed directly for the unemployed/student market, those people who are free to access your website on a hourly basis. That demographic would visit your site anyway, it is people who work the majority of the day, such as myself, who need just a 3 minute recap each day, who are now going else where for news.Also if anyone know about another site that does something similar like that please PM me!

    (to all students, i have done a undergraduate and masters and i know you do get busy but still its a lot less restrictive than 9-5, unless your in a lab, make chemical warfare weapons, where you have no communication. )


    I'm back here just to be an annoying little prick and say again that GS News does not replace Start/Select in any way...At least you guys should think of doing ONE program for week to wrap the biggest news...


    way too painful seeing Jane re-runs. I'm just not ready yet. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME!!!!


    long live star select!!! (star select's still better than every new sticky-named show... sorry... you'll have to bring jane back)


    What ever happened to the constant news feed "start/select" used to give?


    Update on my comment: Didn't watch the last video of Start/Select... You will be missed. I will surely miss you 8 bit intro of your show. ;-(


    I liked Start Select. but unlike others I also like Feedbackula.



    Start / Select died because Jane Douglas left lol, It seems so...

    I really liked this show, not really fan of GS news and less with Feedbackula. Really...

    P.S. Somehow I knew Start / Select wouldn't be the same without Jane..


    I liked this show, it was great

    P.S. Feedbacula sucks!


    No longer any reason to return to GS every day. Sadface.


    I miss start/select. Sorry, but none of the new shows are half as good as it was.


    So, after a little research, I found out Jane has a new show and it's good. Gamespot has... Feedbackula? Get your head in the game or I'm jumping this sinking ship. Seriously.


    ill tell you what i want.... I WANT IT ALL AND I WANT IT NOW!!!! :D


    wish they could continue with the old start select ..................... :(


    Did they delete all the comments or is this a system issue? =P


    @sasami_adachi There is indeed an issue with the comment system on some show pages, but we're working on getting it fixed.


    Well, as long as I'm physically attractive... :/


    I'm not sure what I just watched, but props on the Thundercats Tshirt.