Beware: This game has no real ending and is more often frustrating than fun.

User Rating: 1 | The Golden Compass PC
I wanted to play the game to kill boredom and de-stress some. It wasn't worth it.


-Graphics are realistic, though not as smooth as would be hoped.
-Great voice acting.
-Cinematics from the movie.


-Controls are terrible-you control based on screen position so up doesn't always mean forward. This makes it extremely annoying with trying to move her in narrow spaces.

-Some movements are so hard (gliding across a long gap) they seem impossible. You need to get it just right which can take dozens of tries.

-Way too few save points. Checkpoints are helpful but if you exit the game (or it closes on you) you have to start from the last save point.

-NO ENDING!! It seems like the game just ended right in the middle.

Although I did have so fun I got more frustration out of it. The lack of an ending is terribly disappointing because it feels like all my hard work was for nothing.