This is an annoying game that makes me to quit playing.

User Rating: 1 | The Golden Compass PC
The trailer seems good but the actual gameplay is disappointing.
The game cannot be saved on demand. I must play for dozens of minutes before it is auto-saved. But, I never notice when it is auto-saved. If I quit the game any time, I need to play the already played portion again from the last auto-saved position. Worst still, it crashes sometimes and I need to play it over again!! Oh my god!!
And, some of the tasks are really annoying and difficult to get through. If I fails to pass these tasks, of course, I need to restart from the last checkpoint and play it again!!!
The original film is good but this game is so disappointing, really disappointing! I wonder why this game is badly designed!
I tried to encourage myself to continue playing. But at last, I am red with anger and throw this game into the rubbish bin!