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Ahhh the memories of playing home world. What a game !!!:)

Just absolutly enjoyed playnin every second of it. I started playing it in the 2003. A long long time after it was releaced. And it still was a execelent game, Way ahead of its time.

Its a pity that you dont have games like this anymore.:(

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Nox is pretty good game. Silverfall is also good but you need to keep playing it a while to really enjoy it. Siver is also a nice game but the characters are a bit cartoonish and its not exactly a hach n slash type game. But you should check it out.
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Well if u like post apocolipto games like fallout and fallout 2 then i advice you to go for somthing like

The Fall


My advide on titan quest.. Didnt like it and i dont think its a great game.